Teeth Whitening

img5We provide Free lifetime in-home teeth whitening for all of our patients. This includes the custom fabrication of dental whitening trays. An impression of your teeth is required. These trays allow the whitening gel to contact your teeth and stay away from your gum tissue. Any necessary dental treatment should be completed before proceeding with whitening to ensure the health and safety of your teeth. At each six-month cleaning appointment, we will provide more whitening gel to ensure your smile stays bright.

Our dentists can whiten teeth dramatically using various forms of hydrogen peroxide. One form, carbamide peroxide, is most often used in the form of a gel, and placed into a special tray that is customfitted to your teeth. The tray is worn in the mouth for one to four hours per treatment. When in contact with the teeth, the carbamide peroxide releases oxygen that releases the stain on your teeth. This process is safe and effective with only a few temporary side effects. This treatment can be applied at home under periodic supervision by your dentist.

Laser/Light Activated Teeth Whitening:

img6In addition to the professional at home whitening we now offer a state of the art in office bleaching system that noticeably brightens teeth. Bleaching gel is applied to the teeth and a blue light is used to activate the bleach crystals. The teeth absorb the energy from the light and bleach, lightening the teeth. In less than an hour, patients walk out of the office with an improved smile.

The great advantage to this system is that it is fast and effective. One visit of 45 minutes is usually all that is needed to get a brighter smile.


Laser Teeth Whiting FAQ’s:

Is Laser Teeth Whitening Safe?

So far, all studies have concluded laser teeth whitening to be completely safe. These studies utilized a 10% concentration of bleach and found that no damage was done to the tooth enamel.

How Long Will the effects of laser teeth whitening last?

You should expect your teeth to fade slightly a few days after your procedure. Once this initial fade occurs, you can expect these results to last somewhere between one to five years, every patient is different. Therefore, it is advisable to schedule touch-ups when needed

Does Laser Teeth Whitening Hurt?

No. Contrary to what many people believe, the laser used in laser teeth whitening does not heat the tooth. Those with very sensitive teeth may experience some minor discomfort, but this should go away a few hours after the procedure.

How much whiter will laser tooth whitening make my teeth?

You can expect to improve your smile 1-5 shades. These results are far better than over the counter gels and toothpastes, and the procedure only takes about an hour.

Can Laser Teeth Whitening improve the color of my crowns, caps, or veneers?

Unfortunately, it is impossible to whiten crowns, caps, and veneers with laser teeth whitening. However, the procedure may remove stains that may have developed over the years.

Am I a candidate for laser teeth whitening?

Laser Teeth Whitening can be performed on anyone. Of course, children should wait until they have all their adult teeth.